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Soto is a Swift language SDK for Amazon Web Services (AWS), working on Linux, macOS and iOS. The library provides access to all AWS services through a consistent API closely integrated with the Apple networking framework swift-nio. The service APIs it provides are a direct mapping of the REST APIs Amazon publishes for each of its services.

Soto is a community supported project and is in no way affiliated with AWS.


8 July 2024

We are really pleased to announce the release of version 7 of Soto.We have replaced the internals of Soto. All the SwiftNIO EventLoopFuture based code has been replaced with Swift concurrency. The advantage of this includeThis does come with one major change to the APIs. Along with the removal of…

10 August 2023

An alpha for Soto version 7.0 has just been released. This version has some API improvements and considerable internal changes. Below is listed some of the more major changes and how they affect the library and its users.The library is now completely written using Swift concurrency. The…

6 December 2022

Swift 5.6 introduced a new Swift Package Manager feature: build tool plugins. These allows custom tools to be invoked during the build process. They are primarily used for generating Swift source code from another source.AWS define the APIs for all their services using the

Development of Soto is done in my own free time. I do this work because I enjoy the challenge and want to push Swift forward as a viable language for server side programming. If you feel you have benefited from Soto or any other project I have contributed to please consider sponsoring me via GitHub sponsors. Thank you.