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Soto is a Swift language SDK for Amazon Web Services (AWS), working on Linux, macOS and iOS. The library provides access to all AWS services through a consistent API closely integrated with the Apple networking framework swift-nio. The service APIs it provides are a direct mapping of the REST APIs Amazon publishes for each of its services.

Soto is a community supported project and is in no way affiliated with AWS.


3 March 2021

We'd like to announce a new Soto Project package. Soto Cognito Authentication Kit provides an easy to use interface to AWS Cognito. Through Soto Cognito Authentication Kit you can create users, authenticate via username and password, verify access and id JWT tokens, refresh these tokens and…

3 February 2021

I have previously written an article on generating pre-signed URLs for S3. This article though covers the situation where a signed URL or set of signed headers are required for IAM authentication outside of the AWS service APIs. Below is detailed two…

12 January 2021

We'd like to announce a new package available from the Soto project. Soto S3 File Transfer has been implemented to ease moving of files between your local file system and S3.It provides APIs for copying individual files from your local filesystem to S3, S3 back to your file system and from one S3…

Development of Soto is done in my own free time. I do this work because I enjoy the challenge and want to push Swift forward as a viable language for server side programming. If you feel you have benefited from Soto or any other project I have contributed to please consider sponsoring me via GitHub sponsors. Thank you.